Fine Paris Escort Dining

La Table Du Lancaster is not only an homage to the said British royalty, but is in fact one the premier restaurants in all of Paris escort regions. Located in Burgundy, the food is well-worth the trip, as the combination of lavish French gourmet cooking with the immense wine list sometimes brings about a level of hedonism that exceeds the escort post-meal festivities; something that the patron wouldn’t predict in his wildest imagination. Michel Troisgros put his heart into opening what Paris escorts refer to as “the best eatery in the city”.


The client is almost always figuratively blown away by the diversity of the menu. Sushi items are offered at La Table Du Lancaster, which is a testament to the owner’s innovative tendencies, and awareness of what is trending. Seldom does a patron leave dissatisfied as well, as classic French gourmet food isn’t neglected, and are in fact offered in abundance. Everything from escargot to frogs and other amphibians are offered, and these just for appetizers. The entrees are generally second-to-none in quality, ranging from steak and pasta, to cod and bouillon, and with the non-tradition decor inside, in red walls and bamboo plant life, the patron is often disorientated when he leaves the restaurant, out of his elevated revelry that night.


The day after what is possibly the pinnacle of the French restaurant experience, there is a more understated location, a bistro, and contains one of the supreme desert menus as well. Paris escorts love Jadis, the famous lunch bistro that is located on Rue de la Croix Nivert. The restaurant opened in 2008, and has been gaining popularity in momentous fashion, and it definitely benefited from the simultaneous advent of social media. Many women including escorts made Jadis a trending-topic on Twitter, and the bistro slowly gained fame this way, first through local support, and in the past couple years up until 2012 the location has been an international sensation.


After exposure to even on of these acclaimed establishments, or another notable one elsewhere in the city, it’s a common occurrence for the patron to be overcome with appreciation to his Paris escort. It’s the reason why escorts from other regions are so baffled to learn that Paris escorts are among the highest tipped; in a city where rates are high as it is. The prevailing theme as it pertains to the industry as a whole, is that client satisfaction is absolutely paramount, and in light of extreme debauchery, patrons are willing to open the pocketbooks more often and with more intensity. Paris escort women subscribe to the Bernays theory of manipulation, where customers buy from their emotions more so than their logic.