3 Easy Steps for Bigger And Brighter Eyes

Eyes are called the window to the soul. If you have bigger and brighter eyes, your overall health is considered as fresh and healthy. With the passage of time, we tend to take more and more stress of whatever is happening in our lives. Due to this, our eyes become less bright and puffy. The shine in the eyes goes away due to taking stress, either physical or mental stress. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to de-puff your eyes and have its brighter look back.

Bag Check

Often bags are formed under the eyes due to aging. A depuffing device is used which has the same technology as the ender mo Logie which leads to a tighter skin. The latest edition of this technology helps to increase the circulatory movement with no discomfort at all. The machine is used for eyes as well as for other parts of the face where you are having wrinkles and fine lines. Researchers argue that this technology has a very low effect, probably lasts for few hours. They are working on it to introduce a better version which can give long term results.

Lid lift

When you age, you get wrinkles overall most all parts of your body. Especially the skin of the face and neck start to become loose and wrinkles. This is when the problem of wrinkled eyelids appear. Some people naturally have wrinkled eyelids but there are other factors to that, for example, genetics or heredity. Wrinkled eyelids are not easy to manage. Don’t worry we have got a solution for you. This treatment gives your smooth eyelids in months. It does not cause any pain or redness in the eyes. The method is called Q –switched clear lift laser. Unless the fractional Co2 laser, which takes a recovery time of seven to ten days, the Q –switched clear lift laser patient can easily walk around or go to work immediately. It requires about three to five sessions per month, and when the eyelids start to look smoother, the sessions drop down to only twice a year.

Brow Revival

Eyes brows say a lot about you. The standard formulas by FDA for hair regrowth remain the same. But somehow they seem quite irritating to be used on the eyebrows. Most of the doctors recommend Formula 82M, a version of a drug mixed with only 5% of anti-inflammatories and oleanolic acid. This anti-inflammatory acid helps to fight against the hormones which help in hair degradation and hair loss. It is recommended by the doctors to be used daily to get fuller and darker eyebrows. It is mild and stronger than the traditional minoxidil.

These easy three tips are surely going to go a long way with you. They are surely going to give you the right shine in eyes that you lost somewhere in the tensions and stresses of life.

The Best Foods For A Clear Complexion

Your complexion is the reflection of your genetic makeup, and your genes decide what type of complexion you will have, but, at the very same time what you eat also decide what sort of complexion you will have. In other words, there is a very common saying that “you are what you eat.” So other than many other effects of food on one’s personality and health in general, our food also changes our complexion.

Here are some foods that also help to give you a fair complexion:


Eggs encompass everything wanted to bring life and are best known for protein, which is especially needed for collagen production. Particularly, the yolks are most valuable as they’re jam-packed of skin clearing selenium, zinc, and protein, midst other vitamins.


Avocados are inordinate for the skin as they are omega rich and known to be a strong source of vitamin E, which works to boosts the skin’s liveliness and brilliance. Studies also suggest that eating a regular portion of avocado can improve the skin’s natural capacity to keep itself moisturized.


Spinach is not only overcrowded with skin clearing antioxidants, but it’s also filled with fiber too, which is great for staving off stomach spasms and modifying insulin manufacture. Spinach is also beat off cancerous cells. The reason behind this is that the folate in green vegetables may help overhaul and maintain DNA, basically advancing cells’ ability to restart themselves. The water present in these green vegetables efficiently infiltrates cell membranes, making the skin well-padded and less crumpled. Omega–3 fats which are present in a rich amount help to strengthen skin cell membranes and defend against sun mutilation, fresh, oily fish are great for allowing water and nutrients into the skin while keeping toxins out

Greek Yogurt

On the other hand, if you want a wrinkle-free young and fresh looking skin then you should go for Greek yogurt which helps to keep skin wrinkle-free.


Olives are also used for prevention of skin aging and help to make the skin fully-formed. It also makes the skin to glow and look fresh. Other than skin glowing fewer signs of skin aging is present in those women who consume more olives. Another feature of olives which make it best for skin is the presence of antioxidants in it which helps to bout the skin damaging particles and helps to keep the skin better looking and young.


Chocolate has got a bad rapport when it comes to skin issues as it is linked with acne but in reality, the contrary is the case. Dark chocolate which is rich in antioxidants helps to make the complexion fairer and make skin to glow and look fresh.

Green Tea

Green tea with lemon added in it gives a good dose of antioxidants making it a good choice for skin.

Other than these foods, some foods should be avoided for good skin e.g. if you have acne problem then avoiding almost all sort of dairy foods as they make the skin oilier and prone to pimples.

These are some of the foods that could be used for skin plumping and aging prevention.


How Should Ladies Dress To Look Younger?

To look younger, attractive and smarter is every woman’s desire and this desire makes the woman more sensitive about taking care of themselves in routine. Different crucial factors help in making you look younger or even older. Selecting proper clothes are very important as it reflects an image which we want to be fresh and younger every time. There are different ways and tricks which help the ladies to look younger and spectacular.
Making changes in your usual outfits can bring a tremendous effect. The key is to update your wardrobe, updating does not mean to get rid of all clothes but to buy new ones and throw only out of style and old fashioned clothes.
Always keep yourself updated by checking fashion magazines, catalogs, and websites to know about latest fashion styles and to have an idea what’s in fashion nowadays. Start making or buying clothes according to latest trends. Be elegant and confident. Dress up yourself in a way that makes your stand out the rest.
There are several points that let a woman look younger. Let us check them out one by one:
• If you wish to have younger and fresh look, then a pair of jeans should be must in your wardrobe. Choose it according to your legs and waist size.
• The latest trend is to have colorful skinny jeans, and even black skinny jeans are also available that look graceful and stylish.
• Select dresses and skirts that are length are above the knee to give you a younger look and throw away the three-quarter length dresses or skirts.
• Wear printed t-shirts with skirts or pants to have a modern and more youthful look.
• Start wearing elegant jewelry and up to date accessories. Stop wearing traditional and classic gold and silver jewelry. An excellent collection of chains, bracelets or rings can create a younger image.
• Dressing according to your figure is vital; you should always remember this fact while choosing your outfit. Enhance your magnificence and beauty by highlighting your positive physical qualities and hide the one you don’t like.
• To look younger does not mean to touch vulgarity by wearing tight or see through clothes or wearing extra short clothes to look younger, you just need to follow trends in a more sophisticated way.
• To look slim and smart always choose the black color as it gives you a slimmer look and adding pop accessories will give you an additional style to your outfit.
• Wear heels with your outfit instead of flats with a beautiful matching handbag.
• Be selective while dyeing your hair; don’t dye it too dark as it looks unnatural.
• Choosing a best-fitted bra is very important as it gives your outfit a complete look. Try the one that lifts up your chest and gives you a slimmer waist.
• Select properly fitted underwear not too tight and not too loose.
• Choose proper makeup for yourself; always try to do natural makeup instead of darker shades. Concentrate more on concealing dark circles and wrinkles.

Keeping Your Hands And Feet Healthful

It is often considered that moisturizing your hands and feet is enough to keep them healthy, but there is a lot more to that. Cracked and unhealthy hands not only leave a displeasing impression but can also cause fatal diseases like cancer.

Here are some easy ways to keep your hands and feet healthful which you can squeeze into your busy daily routine.

1: Beware of dark spots

Observe your nails of hands and feet often or between your manicures, if you wear nail paint often. The dark spots which can be black purple or brown are often mistaken to be bruises, but they are certainly not! This is a type of skin cancer, and we suggest that you go see a dermatologist. If you have white spots on your nails, it’s nothing to worry about. White spots are mostly due to an injury at the base of the nail. It’s the dark spots you have to watch out for.

2:  Love long nails?

Do you love long healthy nails? Maybe because you want to keep them painted or for the mere fact that they give a nice look to your hands. But what to do if the nails don’t grow or they grow weak, brittle and dead? The solution to this dilemma is a piece of cake. Just get a vitamin B-complex from health stores and your nails will be blessed with a new life.

3: Pamper your nails

As you age the edges of the nails can develop vertical ridges or the edges could just be unkempt and scruffy. For this, you would have to pamper your nails. You can use a buffer to even out the edges. Remember not to use the buffer roughly; this could weaken your nails.

Often after the nail paint is removed with a nail-polish remover, the nails become dry. You can avoid this by using a non-acetone nail polish remover. Also, remember not to share nail care tools because that transfers germs. If you want to get your nails done at a salon, make sure to take your tools with you.

4: Don’t ignore the cuticles

Due to dryness, the cuticles can get small tears. Through the small tears in the cuticles, germs and fungus can enter, this can cause awful swelling. To avoid this, you should take care of your cuticles by keeping them moisturized. A layer of moisturizer can keep the germs and fungus away and also avoid small tears due to dryness.

5: The key is the appropriate moisturizer

Dryness and UV rays are your biggest enemy. Former causes minor health issues and give your hands and feet an unappealing look. The latter can be fatal. To fight back, you need to choose an appropriate moisturizer.

For the day, choose a water-based moisturizer with SPF 15. Being water-based it will sink in your quickly and having SPF 15 will protect you from the UV rays. With this, you can kill two birds with one stone.

For the night, choose an oil-based moisturizer. Being oil-based it will stay as a layer on your skin. The layer will then protect you from the dryness in the long hours of the night.


Keeping your hands and feet healthful doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, You just have to be mindful of some things you do in daily life and add some habits to your daily life which don’t take much time.

What Is Niacinamide And What Role It Has In Anti-Aging Creams?

Anti-aging creams have a lot of ingredients in them, far more than you can see on the label. The reason why they are not mentioned is due to the fact they are present in small amounts. Nevertheless, they are equally important, and some of them have an important role, despite the fact they are contained in very low levels.

Niacinamide is probably something you have never heard of. However, it is also known as the Vitamin B3. This vitamin has an important role in cell energy production, so it is more than just important. It can be found in vegetables and tuna. We mentioned it here, because according to the recent studies, it has an important role on wrinkles, aging, acne and the skin in general.

Kelly Ripa anti aging wrinkle cream contains this type of a vitamin. If you know who this celebrity is, you can see how beautiful she is, even at the age 46. In a matter of fact, B3 vitamin is extremely important in creams of this kind and it has several benefits.

Niacinamide for wrinkles and acne

In a study conducted in 2003, 50 women who used beauty products with this ingredient recorded significant improvements in the look of their skin. They noticed that the wrinkles are reduced and the top layer of the skin is smoother. The bottom line is that the skin looks younger, precisely what you want if you want to look as the celebrity in question. This happens due to improved keratin synthesis that is directly affected by this version of the vitamin B3.

When it comes to the acne, this ingredient also has an important role. Several studies, conducted in the North Carolina and Turkey have discovered that a 4% concentration of this ingredient can make a huge difference on the inflammation of the acne. They will be reduced and the skin will once again look younger. The bottom line is that niacinamide is beneficial to women who have this problem. In addition, it is definitely an ingredient to consider.

Additional facts about the niacinamide

The aforementioned benefits are the most important, but they are not the only ones this vitamin has to offer. It is more than just needed and it has related benefits to the discoloration of the skin, color spots and etc. The bottom line is that B3 affects the skin cells directly, and makes them stronger, therefore more resistant to the age.

Another, important thing to know is that B3 in this form is also known as NIA24, so paying close attention to this ingredient isn’t as complicated as you may believe. However, the amount of it is extremely important as well. All studies that included usage of it determined that only small concentrations such as 4-5% are sufficient for amazing results. It isn’t recommended to use it in higher amounts.

Maybe this is a less-known ingredient, but it has an important role in the aging of the skin and it may be the main reason why the star we mentioned here looks amazing even today.