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The Agency

Luigi , May 2006

(My way...)

Nearly ten years have passed since I started work at ‘The Agency’. When I began I had a whole bunch of ideas flying around my head about how to start and develop my business. Many were just random ideas but slowly they began to gel and form a concrete idea. So, let me start at the beginning.

When I arrived at the Lausanne railway station for the first time my wife was there waiting to greet me and this was not part or any old movie. Daylight was slowly fading and silent snow was falling. My wife had a broad, sweet smile on her face – we put our arms around each other, I kissed her and we held the embrace until it became almost embarrassing. We were so happy to see ach other after, well not very long as the clock ticks, but very long when the heart beats.

Our new home was in Pully, a rather smart little town, almost a suburb, near Lausanne. The snow heralded Christmas so I decided to take a little holiday before starting to look for work in January when the holidays were over. A new year, a new start.

But, at the time, Switzerland was undergoing a recession, there was considerable unemployment and jobs were hard to find, even harder to get. This was compounded by the fact that my French was not all that good. Sure, good enough for ordinary daily use but not good enough for a working language. Sure, I went through all the usual job-finding steps.I read the ads in the newspapers, I went to some twenty or thirty employment agencies and I must have sent out well over one hundred letters of application. Result? Well, perhaps not too bad under the circumstance – I was offered two jobs selling on commission! I could not find anything stable, anything by which I could support my family and nothing which utilized my basic skills and talents. I am,by nature, very gregarious, I am willing to work hard and, above all, to work honestly and correctly. I believe in doing what I say I will do.

No. It wasn’t working. I had to find something which suited me. During this period there were days when I was so frustrated I would simply go to the gym and work out – work out as hard as I could for several hours just to release the tension. I liked Lausanne and the surrounding countryside. I liked the heavy paving stones on some of the streets; I found the people friendly and courteous. And I especially liked ths snow when it fell in the trees and dressed them in robes of white. And the sun, when it shone on the lake and was reflected from the water’s deep edge – well that was pure magic.

I walked the streets of Lausanne and got to know the city and its various districts. Outwardly I appeared to be calm, but inwardly I was getting nervous. I loved my wife and I wanted to start a family. But, without an occupation, without a source of income, I could not even begin to think about such a future. I do not have a depressive mentality. I am cheerful all the time but I was beginning to feel sad, to wonder if I had made a mistake. And then, on top of all this I developed a toothache. And it was a wowser! I think I would have preferred to have had a heart attack!

In agony I made an appointment with a dentist. And, when I got there I had to wait. His waiting room was full of magazines. I picked one up at random and it happened to have an article on prostitution – high class prostitution. Top of the Tops. What better way for a guy to take his mind off a tootache than to read about beautiful women! I found it a fascinating read. I didn’t know much about the business. Sure, I had been a customer from time to time, especially when I was travelling and feeling alone in New York or Honolulu, Buenos Aires or Havana, Miami or Montreal. I knew my way around the nightspots and, sure, I had, on occasion, used the services of good local escort agencies. But that was the extent of my knowledge of the business. What I found fascinating about this article was that prostitution was legal in Switzerland. That, I found, was unusual.

May 10, 2006

As I read the article I realized there was an opportunity in Lausanne to develop a business which would use the skills and talents I possessed. And, what’s more I realized I could do it better than it was being done. But ‘research’ is the name of the game. So I decided to investigate the business. After all, there was nothing to lose and, who knows, maybe something to gain.
First I went to see a lawyer who confirmed the truth of what I had read.He gave me some advice and then I went to see an accountant to find out how I should set up the business.Very importantly I went to see the chief of police and told him what I wanted to do.He said that I was the first person ever to come to him to seek advice and to check the law so that everyone could stay out of trouble.He told me there are two main rules.I should not ,under any circumstances,employ ladies under 18 or anyone who does not have a Swiss residence card and work permit.I said thank you.

I am not a particularly religious man although I like to think of myself as a Christian. Frankly, I think it makes little difference whether one professes to be a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or any one of the many other faiths in the world. They all have one thing in common: they believe in God and, expressed in one way or another, they all subscribe to the Ten Commandments. This amounts to an ethical way of living and I believe in that.

May 13, 2006

I soon realized that if I was going to start a business in the field of prostitution I would have to do so from the beginning – from ground zero. After all I didn’t know anyone --- clients or potential employees!!! On the other I have travelled much of the world and I am familiar with the needs of many men when they are in the *Red Zone*.

For the next ten days, or so, I read all the newspaper columns with advertisements for escort girls. And I made phone calls to most of them. I asked questions; I wanted to find out how they worked. Eventually I decided there could be a business here, a good business, if it were run properly, ethically, protected the ladies and guaranteed their security while, at the same time, meeting the needs of men travelling away from home.

The one thing, I realized, that was necessary to make this working and winning business was that it had to be run in an honest and ethical manner. It had to be a business that enabled the ladies to make the money they required, which protected them from any a buse and also offered the client what he was anticipating.

I set about organizing my ‘one man band’ – a one mad business!

First, I realized, I would need a name. I considered many: Casanova Escorts, Don Juan Escorts, International Escorts. International Escorts. Yes, I rather liked that name. So, I took the first step and put a few advertisements in various local and regional newspapers. They were discreet advertisements, but, nevertheless, visible; not too small and not to ‘in your face’. They announced that an ‘International Escorts Agency’ was looking for beautiful ladies to work a few hours each week with excellent pay. In the first month I received less than two dozen responses. Not very promising!. But, there was another side to the coin. The ladies who replied were, in my opinion, highly employable. They were young, they were attractive, well mannered and, to my surprise, most had never done anything like this before!

June 06-2006

Very soon I began to receive more responses. Some were suitable, many were not. Some ladies said they were 28 when, actually, they were 38. Some said they were slim. They must have been looking at themselves in one of those circus mirrors. But, after a couple of months I had found about twelve ladies who were really high class. What is more they were based between Geneva and Montreux. I made a decision to go ahead and start the business. For the first six months I operated at a loss, but that did not surprise me, most new businesses start with a loss. All the money I received I ploughed back into the business while, all the time, seeking to enlarge the number of ladies on my roster. Some of those who called told me they had been watching my ads on a regular basis and had waited to see if I was really in business to stay. They wanted to be sure that I was stable and the business would be permanent. When I stood back and looked at the roster of ladies I had I was pleased. Collectively they were way above average for this type of work. But, I decided I would not charge prices higher than normal. I wanted my prices to be correct and competitive. It seemed to me that customers would appreciate this. My roster grew so that I always had new “no professional” ladies available. Some were students working their way through university, some were secretaries, others were housewives or models. Most of these women were new to the business. When my clients took them in their arms it was a kind of smelling flowers in the early morning - a sensation ten times better than multiple pills of Viagra. It was because of the freshness, the sincere quality of my ladies that men would call back time and time again to ask, what is new Doc !

July 03-2006

In the early days I sometimes used to drive the girls to their meetings.Some days I would even have to drive several times back and forth between Geneva and Lausanne with two or three ladies in my car with me.During this time I would take advantage to tell the ladies the `rules` about the business .
1.- When you arrive,you call me.When you leave you call me.
2.- When you meet the client be sure to SMILE and do remember that the first look contains a lasting image.Your first ten minutes with a client will determine how successful the rendez-vous will be.
3.- Be sure to get the money in front .That way you can dispense with the matter: the client is then in your hands.If you ask for the money at the end ,then you may have trouble.
4.- When you are with a client do not keep looking at the time!
5.- Usually a client wants to talk about himself .If the client is happy ,then you should be happy,too.If the client is sad ,then be prepared to share his sadness with him.
6.- When your time is over and you are ready to leave be sure to keep smiling and give him a sweet kiss to say goodbye.
I almost forget my best advice: a terrific blowjob can open a thousand doors !

Now ,let me share with you some of the stories of the Agency.Some focus on our ladies,others focus on the client.I hope you will enjoy them.Please remember that the names of all parties are pseudonyms.We would never reveal the real names of any of our clients or ladies.

This is the story of Jackie.She lived in a small town near Lausanne when I first met her.At the time she was around 25 years old with long curly,black hair and green eyes.She was slim with medium breast size and about 172 cm high.Jackie was married and had discussed this source of extra revenue with her husband.She told him she would like to do the job and he agreed with her.At first glance Jackie was a bright and spirited woman , an extrovert.But when she was with a man she spoke with a deep and sensual voice.Her femenine movements and emerald eyes were and invitation --- well,they were sweet, sensual and seductive.She made a man feel that she could fulfil all of his deepest fantasies.

One day I had an assignment for Jackie and our conversation went something like this:

- Hi , Jackie .This is Luigi.
- Hi ,Luigi.
- I have a client in Gland that would like to meet you at 8pm. He will pay 1500 Sfr for three hours.I could pick up you and bring you back.
- Do you know the client?

July 04-2006

- Jackie ,this is the first time he has called ,but he sounds OK.
- OK Luigi.You can pick up me outside my house at about quarter past seven this evening.OK?
- Jackie please do not dress sexy .OK
- The client wants maybe I be dressed casual?
- No Jackie,the client did not said nothing about the way you should be dressed .Is ME who is asking this to you ,because if you dress sexy I`m afraid we can arrive late to your appointment!!!
- Luigi please STOP your jokes!
I arrived at her house about five minutes ahead of time and saw that Jackie was ready and waiting.Dressed in jeans and with her long black hair floating in the air with the sun shining behind her , I thought she was a dream come true! She was laughing when I opened the door to my car.
I told her she looked glorious and she told me that I was lying.
- I bet you say that to all your girls.She said.
I told her that I was not flattering her, I was telling the truth.A sad part of my work is that I can see lots of beautiful girls , but I can not have them. ( HELP! )
- Luigi ,tell me ,what do you know about this guy?

July 08-2006

- This is the first time he has called me.I checked out his name and address in the computer and called him for verification.He seems to be ok.I will take you to his house and when you get inside give a call to tell me that everything is ok.Then,when you have finished give me another call and few minutes later I will be waiting for you outside the house to pick up you.

We arrived at the client?s house in about thirty minutes.After dropping her off I drove on a about fifty meters and waited for Jackie?s phone call.The call came in about ten minutes.
- Luigi ,everything is ok.I will call you again when I have finished .OK.?
- OK , Jackie.I copy five to five!

I now had about three hours to kill so I decided to drive around Gland and get to know the town a little better.I found a small restaurant near the lake and decided I would have dinner there.The tables were all lit with golden candles and flowers.I took one in a discreet location so that I could talk on the telephone if necessary.I remember it all quiet well.I ordered Filet de Perches , the small fish which come from lake Geneva,as well as some French fries and a little white wine.The dinner was good and I decided to put the address in my book so I could come back another time.I was just finishing my second coffe when my telephone rang.
- Hi,Luigi.This is Jackie .Can you come by and pick me up in ten minutes?
- Yes,Jackie.I?ll be there.

July 12-2006

I paid my bill as was on my way in short order and arrived at our meeting place on time.When Jackie got in the car I noticed she was crying .
- Jackie What?s the matter ? You are crying. Did the guy hurt you?
- No,not at all .Everything is ok Luigi.
- Then why are you crying?
- Everything is ok,Luigi.Just drive me home.
- Well ,what is the matter.Why are you crying? What happened?
- Luigi,the client is a very nice man around 35 years old and he used to lived in Zurich.He worked for a big bank and paid me my money right away.What is more he gave an extra 200Sfr for a tip.
- I do not understand ,Jackie.Please explain me then why you have all those tears ?
- Luigi, the client was married for almost three years and he has no children.One day he went home in the middle of the afternoon.He did not tell his wife he was coming home early .He wanted it to be a surprise .When he got there he found her in bed ,their bed ,with one of his best friends.His live was destroy in pieces.He got transfer from the bank and is working near here now.He told me he has not been able to sleep for nights and has even drinking a bit too much.I think he may also have taken a bit of coke.He just needed someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on.He told me I`m the first person he has talked to about this.You know the guy is so sincere , I did not want to take his money.

I stopped her right then and there.
- Jackie,you are telling me a sad story but remember he took up your time and my time waiting for you.I`m not Mother Teresa and nor you are.
- Yes,Luigi I understand . I agree .But he did not fuck me .He did not even want a little blowjob.He just wanted to talk.
- You know,Jackie, this is a very special situation and I do understand how you feel .But do remember , in this job you can not let your personal feelings enter the picture.Remember that-it is a good piece of advice.

We continued talking on the way back to Lausanne . I dropped Jackie off at her home .Tomorrow ? Well, tomorrow will be a new day .

October 29-2006

Sunday mornings I usually open my phone at about ten o’clock. Beforehand I like to have a little cuddle with my wife and then get up and have a good breakfast with her. It’s a leisurely morning unlike other days when we both have to get up early. But, on one particular Sunday morning I openned the phone at eight o’clock –. There was an SMS message from a good friend who was also a client. The message was simple and to the point: “I want to fuck !” To emphasize the message he sent it ten times. Ten times! And each time the message was the same. I called him back and I could tell by his voice that Diego was in distress. I figured he was at one of his ‘private’ parties where he began alone but, ultimately needed a high class female to take care of him, to relax and have some fun. More specifically – to get a `marathonic blowjob`

Diego likes it when a girl wears very sexy clothes ---- sort of Dracula’s daughter! --- and he is willing to pay high prices to get what he wants when he wants. The client has always the reason and of course if he pays right! To find a girl who is willing to go out and ‘party’ at eight in the morning is not an easy thing to do. Believe me! But, money talks ! I made two or three phone calls before I found a lady who was willing to accept an ‘invitation’ to ‘party’. She was a very sexy girl, about 23 years old, blond hair, experienced (`role play` Oscar winner ! ) and with all the right dimensions.

“Hi, Isabella. Sorry to wake you up but I have an important client, who I know in person, who would like to have your company.”
“Luigi, it is early Sunday morning, I want to sleep. I only got home a short while ago. I was at a disco with some friends until seven o’clock. Sorry, but I just can not….!”
“Isabella, wait a minute. My client will pay you five thousand Swiss Francs in cash – in advance! How’s that?”
“You said five thousand ?”
“Yes – that is exactly what I said!”
“Well, that’s pretty good money. I like that kind of music.How long do I have to stay?”
“I know this client very well. He lives in Geneva and has a villa on the lake-front. He is about thirty and 175 cm tall. He’s well educated, top class, and from time to time he likes to give himself this kind of treatment – and he has all this candies (Peruvian flakes ) with him. You know what it means ! Listen, Isabella, I know you well and you will like his company. You’ll probably stay four or five hours. It’s a good deal!”
“Luigi, are you sure he is going to pay me five thousand cash in advance?”
“Yes, dear. I never lie – especially about money!”

“OK Luigi, I will go. Tell me, please, how should I be dressed?”
“The client likes high heels – ten centimeters or more as well as black stockings, black underwear, mini skirt --- in other words – very sexy and ready to kill !”
“I have some pretty sexy underwear, la Perla, Victoria Secrets Collection...”
“Yes, I know that. Just remember black is his color. OK?

“OK Luigi.”
“Isabella, I’ll send you his address and the entry codes by SMS so you can get inside his villa and I’ll tell the client you’ll be there in forty-five minutes. OK?”
“Yes, Luigi. All OK. And as soon as I am with the client I’ll give you a call to let you know everything is alright.”
“Isabella, one important bit of advice because I know you well and I know you have a vacuum cleaner in each nostril. Please be polite !”

I could tell she was laughing when I said that. She replied, “OK dear, don’t worry. You are asking me something like `Mission Impossible` but I will do my very best. Big Kiss.”

I sent a message to Diego’s phone which said, “Fashion model, Swiss, blonde, 23 years old, 174 cm, 90C breast, NB (natural blowjob.) Arriving in 45 minutes. Five thousand . OK?

Three minutes later I received his answer. “OK thanks”.

Sunday mornings I prefer to stay in bed until ten o’clock--- but not when business calls!

November 16-2006

After about a year I began to earn good money and was able to reinvest some of it in the business so it could grow with more clients and more ladies.I selected my ladies very carefully .They needed to be not just `above average`but top quality in all the senses .My costumers,of course ,recognized this and that is why they kept returning.

In the beginning my advertisements were restricted to the press and local magazines in Switzerland ,but as the business began to grow I decided to place adds in the most important european cities.

It was not long before I was recognized by other agencies ,girls and clients throughout Europe .My agency LUIGI was making noise and I was becoming know by the rich and famous.
I was what one might call :`On the map !` Agents in England,Germany,Holland,Italy and others called me to ask if they could make cooperative deals with me.In same cases I agreed to do so and we split the commissions .But after a few months I decided to stay in my own .I needed to maintain a very high standard and with a cooperative arrangement I could not be sure of doing so.I had developed a reputation for quality in all aspects of the business and the only way to maintain that was to have a complete control by myself . And why not ? I know the business ,I have the contacts ,and I had my own first -hand experience on which to go.

I then thought about what would be the best market .Naturally ,at first I thought about London and Paris.But I also realized that to be good in London you have to live in London.The same is almost with Paris but there the law is much more complicated .There are not local escort agencies operating inside France. I knew that the law in France against escort agencies was tough . In the international scene there were a few international escort agencies touching Paris,but not well enough.

I said to myself Paris will be my main target.I knew that I have to go to Paris and `organise`there my best selection of local girls.I knew that the police will be watching my moves and probably they will send me some undercover police girls,but that`s part of the game. I was a man with a mission,I knew that a mistake could cost me some years in the shadow .

January 11-2007

I met Vanessa for the first time at the bar of the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne. She was wearing white jeans and I cannot begin to describe the virginal look they gave her, coupled with her green eyes which were full of the curiosity of life. Her skin seemed to be transparent, her body was slim and well proportioned. Her voice bubbled like champagne and her hair was shiny gold. She was music to my ears and, to be very honest, I don`t believe that any of the great master painters of the Renaissance could possibly have ever created a lady as attractive as Vanessa. When we talked I felt intense physical sensations throughout my body -- and, believe me, some of these were hard to control!

Vanessa had something very special. Each of her movements were full of fire. I don`t believe I have ever met a lady such as she --- and, believe me, I have met many ladies. Without doubt Mother nature was working at her best when she created Vanessa. And, what`s more, not only did she like men, she also liked women! She liked sex, truly enjoyed it --- just as she liked drugs, rock and roll!

All of my best clients to whom I introduced her were taken aback by this strange, almost extra-terrestrial creature. The light in her face shone with provovcation. Her arms, legs, breast and, yes, her ass, were all excellent examples of the fine art of Venus.

And when she was in action -- well, WOW! I would say her tongue was as wild as Harry Potter`s magic wand! It was a powerful gift to men. And when she gave you a blow job -- well, all I can say is Wow --- again! It was a blow job to blow all blow jobs! Her big lips were red with provocation.

Now, however, she is married and has a wonderful life. From time to time we talk on the phone and this is what we said last time:

"Hi, Vanessa. If you are free at 6pm this afternoon I could have a client for you at the Lausanne Palace Hotel ."
"Hi, Luigi. Yes, that would be ok. I`m free for you. But tell me what do I need to know about the client."
"Well, he has already called me several times. He is in his middle fifties and is very well known in the Lausanne-Geneva region which is why I can`t give you his name. However, although he is very correct and will pay you 2,000Sfr for two hours in advance, he is also a little kinky."
"Luigi, the terms are okey. But what do you mean by `a little kinky`?"
"Well, other girls have told me that he likes to dress up as a woman and on another occasion he dressed up as Superman and jumped into the bed from a chest of drawers."
"That`s all --- ?"
"Yes, that`s all my dear." I could hear Vanessa laughing.
"Luigi this is fucking funny. OK, it that`s all there is to his kinkiness, I`m ready. Tell me, what should I wear?"
"Oh yes! Sorry, I almost forgot. You should wear boots. That is very important. otherwise you can dress as you wish."
"But, Luigi, it is summer time and it is very hot outside! No way will I go walking down the street wearing boots. people will think I`m crazy."
"Relax, my dear. There is a solution to everything." Vanessa cut me off and said, "OK, I take my boots with me in a bag and change when I get there."
"Bravo. That`s quick thinking, my dear!"
"Shut up?" OK. Luigi, when I get there I will phone you and when leave I will phone you again."
"Vanessa, that`s super. The client`s room is 404 and you can call him Michael Laforce. OK?"
"OK, Luigi. Thanks."

Sometimes my girls give me a little extra stress and I worry about them. But, that`s part of the business. After a while Vanessa called to say she had arrived. She reached me on my portable while I was shopping at Bon Genie, a shop in downtown Lausanne. When I answered the phone I heard:
"Luigi ---." Vanessa`s voice sounded strained. No worse, she was in shock?
"Luigi, there`s been an accident. Michael, your client, was dressed as Batman and when he jumped from the chest of drawers to the bed he missed and hit his head on the night table. He has cut his head, he is bleeding and he is unconscious! Luigi, what do I do?"
"I tried to calm her. "Vanessa, I`m in Place St. Francois and I will be with you in three minutes. Please, stay there and don`t move the client."
"OK Luigi. But please, hurry up!"
I could tell her voice was at the point of breaking. I had no idea in what condition I would find the client. I had to think quickly. And, on the way I almost got run over by a car when I crossed against a red light. When I arrived Vanessa opened the door. I found the client lying face down on the bed. He had regained consciousness, but there was blood on the floor as well as on the towel that Vanessa had put around his head. All I could say was, "Hello Mr. Michael."
"Hello Sorry for my stupidity, Luigi. I think I need some new brains in my head."
We had talked on the phone several times but I never thought I would meet him under such circumstances. Then, all of a sudden he began to cry."
"What will I tell my wife? I have to meet her downstairs at the bar in a couple of hours. She is coming with our son and his fiance. They are getting married next week."
I put my brain into fast mode; shut down the telephone and then said, "I have an idea."
"Luigi, tell me. What is your idea". Well, Mr. Michael. No one knows you are here. I booked the room for you in my name, as we`ve done before. So, let`s go downstairs and get your car. Are you feeling okey now?"
"Yes, yes, very much better thank you."
"Well, I think what you need to do is to stage an accident in which your head could have fallen forward. Not a serious accident, of course. Just enough to provide an explanation. First, where would you have been coming from if you had not had this appointment with Vanessa?"
"Well, let me think. Probably I would have been driving from the direction of Pully."
"Good." I thought for a moment and then said, "You know where the school is on the coast road."
"There is a pedestrian crossing and a bus stop."
"OK. Then what you say what happened is that you were driving along the road in the direction of Ouchy when a kid came running out of the school, didn`t look where he was going and ran straight across the street. You jammed on the breaks, you were only going about 25 kilometres per hour, maybe 30 in order to avoid hitting this kid who never knew what happened. He just ran across the street to meet his friends. There wasn`t even a bus coming. When you jammed on the breaks your head hit the steering wheel. It was the kid`s fault but he never knew anything about it. And you, well you don`t like what happened but you are glad the kid wasn`t hurt. How`s that? No witnesses. You pulled over for a few minutes when you realized you had hurt yourself, you felt a little dazed but you were ok and soon continued to drive on to the hotel to meet your family. It might even be a good idea to go down to your car and spread a little bit of your blood on the steering wheel. Then, if you want to make yourself sound even more contrite you can say, `I should have had my seat belt on -this wouldn`t have happened then. Aside form that you are a hero -- you saved a kid`s life! Well, Mr. Michael. No one knows you are here. I booked the room for you in my name, as we`ve done before. So, let`s go downstairs and get your car, smear some blood on the steering wheel and then you can go meet your family."

Afterward I thought to myself, "All in a day of the life of an artist`s representative."

(More coming any moment .Thanks. Luigi)

August 11,2007

I knew inside myself that I could have the best portafolio of girls in Paris,but before I will have to work for it ! Nothing comes free.
I placed some advertisings in the local magazine Boom Boom Paris,after few weeks I got in my agenda a selection of around 30 girls that I could meet .I knew also that the French police will be watching my moves and this was for several reasons.Anyway there was a risk to be played.
Tomorrow Sunday I will be arriving in Paris .I will see all this girls and next day my advertisings will be appearing in the newspaper International Herald Tribune.

(this week I will continue more.Sorry I am a little tired) Thanks.Luigi

January 21, 2009

Thanks to the different people that are sending emails and asking me to write a little bit more,of course there are others that do not like nothing at all my stories and their emails are in most cases with fanny words.

CRISIS , it sounds like  Alfred Hitchcock's old film. I heard this nasty word from most people in the phone, the newspapers , TV , girls and even the dog of my neighbor ...
Owners of escort agencies that are in this respectable business and with much more years of work before me in New York, Montreal, Los Angeles,London etc , are getting a little nervous...I said to all of them : RELAX !
This businnes is mention in Wikipedia Encyclopedia as one of the oldest in the history !
This business survey World War I and II, 11 of September etc.This business is waterproof !
We will survey and Gloria Gaynor wrote about this long time ago.

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